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So, if I package something and say to fill existing users, it will fill out whatever preferences to those existing users, and if I say fill the templates it will modify the template so every user created from there will get the same thing?

I don't want it to copy that user account to the machine though, just those preferences to every existing and future user account on that machine.

The documentation on this is a bit lacking, and if I choose the fill existing user it pushes out the settings for that local user account I used to create the package, which I don't want.

Would I have to wild card this?




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User settings are created by copying files from /Users/someuser/ to your
package, and then to your target machine. FUT copies the same info into the
User Template. FEU copies the info into each existing user on the target.

If you build your package using the user account "bob", then when you deploy
your package, it will copy your settings, for example
/Users/bob/Library/com.manufacturer.product.plist, to the target machine,
creating /Users/bob, if it doesn't exist. Note that this won't create an
account for bob on the target, just a directory inside /Users.

To avoid stray directories, you could:
- create your package from a user account already existing on your target
machines.- use a "defaults write" script instead of a package
- run a script at the end of your policy that deletes /Users/bob