File_Vault_Recovery_Key.plist Workflow Question

New Contributor

I was wondering if anyone had any details, or could link to an article, regarding the behavior/process behind the file_vailt_recovery_key.plist file that is generated at /Library/Application Support/JAMF/run after enabling FileVault2 disk encryption. Specifically, how long does that file stay there? I see in the documentation that it is noted as a "temporary plist until recovery key is sent to the JSS for escrow." I am currently working on a process to encrypt our Macs but I need to be able to explain the process of that file before I can really call it good.

Note: I tried to just run a recon to see if the file was removed, but it was not. However, I let the machine think for about an hour and now the file is gone. What caused it to be removed?

Thanks in advance, everyone, for any info/help you can provide.