Filemaker Go19

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Hello everyone,

I am just wondering if there is a script out there for iOS which I can roll out in the app config, which will auto fill the "hostname" for filemaker go 19?

This would be a massive help if there is due to having over 1.7k devices on site.

Or if anyone knows where i can get the plist config for filemaker go 19

I have gone to the location for it, but cant seem to find it!


Any help would be great



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Not sure what your goal is, but...

If you are trying to connect to a specific FileMaker file (or an opener file) from FileMaker Go on iOS, you can place a Web Clip directly on iOS desktop or Dock. The Web Clip will open a hosted (or local) FileMaker file.

Check out Configuration Profiles > Web Clips. First create your Webclip using the path to your file, then (if you want) set it as an IOS Dock icon in Configuration Profiles > Home Screen Layout.



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But will it open the database using the FileMaker GO app, or will it open the database in Safari?

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The Web Clip opens the file in FileMaker Go app if the fmp:// url prefix is used in the URL field of  the Web Clip.

I assume if an https:// prefix is used the link would open in Safari, but I have not tried that.