Filevault 2 encryption on 10.13.2 17C205 taking a considerably longer time to complete

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Hi Guys,
I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a quadruple in encryption time on the latest Security updates for the 10.13.2?
Quite a few machines we give out don't finish encryption which means that Im even more concerned when they dont report back as being fully encrypted for days after giving out the a user - this can create worry.

Just wondering if anyone else has seen a major jump in encryption time.


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Sounds about right.. there's an open radar with Apple about this at the moment.

Massive pain, most i've seen is 14 hours on a clean install.

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@rodders Imaged couple of machines with 10.13.2 today and applied Supplemental patch, and thereafter the FV2 enables and it doenst take longer.

Using multiple kind of MacBooks.