Filevault Config Profile Not Working

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Hi All

I was poking around Jamf last week, running some smart searches for an Audit when I noticed that around 100 or so of our devices are not Encrypted, despite us having a configuration profile that is supposed to force Filevault upon first logout. 

The configuration profile is - 

Enable Filevault - Enabled
Event to prompt - At Logout
Recovery Keys - Personal
Display recovery key to user - Hidden
Prevent filevault from being disabled
Encryption Method - Automatic

I have a couple of users to check that the profile is installed, and it is. And It starts the process upon logout as expected - but they are met with an error message "error while enabling filevault for this user"

Anyone got any ideas what could be going wrong here? 

Any help would be appreciated!


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Have you verified that the user account getting the error has secureToken? 

This article explains a bit more about secure token:

I would run this command to see if the user getting the error actually has a securetoken 

sysadminctl -secureTokenStatus username_goes_here