FileVault Issue

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Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions re. an issue I am seeing with filevault (which is fully encrypted) on a 10.13.3 iMac as follows;

No key resides on JamF and its showing as "FileVault 2 is Not Configured"

Recreating the individual key with the JamF script makes no difference although this script does work as its successfully recreated keys in the past.

If I try and add any users to FileVault to unlock the disk I see the error "Error adding users to FileVault unknown error"

If I run the sysadminctl util it states that the user doesn't have a secure token (the local admin account does however), if I attempt to create a token for the user I get an error similar to "NSLocalizedFailureReason=Credentials could not be verified, username or password is invalid."

If I try remove FileVault I get the message "FileVault was not disabled (-69595)"

Any ideas? I would rather not rebuild if I don't have to.



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Hey, just a question, first have you ensured you set the Escrow option I the payload to redirect key to your Jamf server? Tis is required going forward with 10.13.3. Basic redirect function only wrks with 10.2 machines or older..See image below:


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Hi, yes, thats all set and the other Macs are fine, again on 10.13.*

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Well upgrading to 10.13.4 sorted enabling additional users but still no key is sent back to JSS!

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Does your configuration Profile have the required certificates included? Working with JAMF I had to add the following Certs to the Profile:
Institutional Key 1-2018
JSS FileVault Recovery Key Escrow Certificate
JSS FileVault Recovery Key Redirection Certificate

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Can I chime in with what's probably a noob question, What's the difference between enabling FV via policy VS configuration profile. So far I've only used it via policy.


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I just have "Enable Escrow Personal Recovery Key" as it was my understanding that was what was needed for 10.13.*