FileVault Recovery Key Password Change Issue/Bug/Workaround

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So a user is locked out of their computer. Awesome. No big deal we use a recovery key to get them in.

The next screen/prompt is to change the password. User types in a changed password and hits "Change Password" but when clicking "Change Password" nothing happens.

Is this a bug in JAMF? FileVault? Recovery Key?

I want people to chime in before I give my workaround, cause the workaround does work....



@craig.caruso Not for us. I am able to enter the FV recovery key, then reset the password. One thing we noticed though, on some 10.13.x machines in our fleet was that the "?" button would just flash after clicking it, never letting us even type in a recovery key.

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Very weird.

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@craig.caruso Any workaround for this? Facing same issue.

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@craig.caruso & @gsabari - I have seen something similar and would be interested in knowing your workaround.

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@craig.caruso Not a JAMF thing. After several failed attempts I did a clean install w/o enrolling into JAMF - same problem.
I would also appreciate to hear your workaround. I'm on macOS 10.14.4.

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Same here tested on 10.14.3 and 10.14.4 curious of workaround and if this is a bug! workaround I am aware of is booting into recovery and in terminal typing in resetpassword and using FileVault key there and resetting local users password, but if you use firmware passwords in enterprise this is not a good option

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and the workaround was...?