First Boot Package Install Generator & LoginLog Not Showing

Contributor III
Contributor III

Has anybody out there run into an issue with rtrouton's First Boot Package Install Generator where never launches?

I built out a createOSXinstallPkg 10.11.1 with a payload free package and it worked great. I decided to rebuild with a second payload free package and now doesn't open at all.

The only LoginLog info that shows in the log is: ( This service is defined to be constantly running and is inherently inefficient."

I have it set to find available software updates and install them. It does, then reboots and that's the end of the first log. A second timestamped log is created and states it found the two packages to install and proceeds to install successfully and then restarts again.

All of this is happening while staring at the iCloud login screen (first boot) or the Login Window (second boot) instead of for both.

Anybody having/had a similar experience?