Fix for Word 2016/OS 10.13/HP M600 series printing errors


I've had the most unusual issue for customers lately that it took me awhile to figure out the fix. Hope this helps others from banging their head against the wall.

Attempts wil print to HP M600 series printers will give an error on the printout of:
ERROR: undefinedresult

The error occurs when the following are together in the mix:
Word 2016
OS 10.13
HP M600 series printers
Font in word document is calibri (the default for new documents)
The calibri font is in size 12.

You get the error regardless of if the driver is HP's or generic post script
Changing the font in the document to a different size or font altogether will give successful printouts.

The fix is to change the printer to use Generic PCL driver.


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You may want to look at this thread, HP. This solution seems to work better for us.

Here is a script floating around that could help manage the setting.

#!/bin/bash declare -a models=('1320' 'M1522' 'M1536' 'M175' 'M201' 'M202' 'M225' 'M226' 'M251' 'M252' 'M2727' 'M274' 'M275' 'M276' 'M277' 'M3027' 'M3035' 'M351' 'M375' 'M377' 'M401' 'M402' 'M403' 'M425' 'M426' 'M427' 'M4345' 'M4349' 'M435' 'M451' 'M452' 'M4555' 'M475' 'M476' 'M477' 'M501' 'M5025' 'M5035' 'M5039' 'M506' 'M521' 'M525' 'M527' 'M551' 'M552' 'M553' 'M570' 'M575' 'M577' 'M601' 'M602' 'M603' 'M604' 'M605' 'M606' 'M630' 'M651' 'M680' 'M701' 'M706' 'M712' 'M725' 'M750' 'M775' 'M806' 'M830' 'M855' 'M880' 'M9040' 'M9050' 'M9059') for ppd in $(ls -1 /etc/cups/ppd/.ppd) do model=$(cat "$ppd" | grep "ModelName: " | tr -d '"' | awk -F': ' '{ print $2 }') for i in "${models[@]}" do if [[ $model == "$i" ]]; then echo $model #sed -i '' 's/^(*TTRasterizer: ).$/1None/' "$ppd" fi done done exit 0

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That script seems vaguely familiar to me... ;)

Tho, at second glance it looks to have been modified to not actually change the setting. (sed line commented/replaced)