Follow Mac App Store Installation Progress?

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Is there a way to see the progress of a Mac App Store installation from Self Service?

These installs always seem to take a long time without any feedback within Self Service. Right now I have a Mac that I am helping the local school contact troubleshoot. Currently they are trying to install iMovie and Garageband (I always tell them to do one at a time, but oh well), and both are just showing the spinning circle in Self Service. Even after a reboot.

They have been sitting at this for over an hour. I was hoping that there was something I could check in Terminal to see the status of these installs. Anything possible?



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@musat  Activity Monitor is always a good way to track what is happening.


Could easily be something with the network. Download speed, timeout, etc.

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Can you elaborate on how you use Activity Monitor to track App installation via self-service? Or any other tools you use to monitor App installation via self-service. 

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You can show mac app store logs at command line. Shows Logs from the last hour for* subsystem. I was recently watching microsoft remote desktop install - so I include an additional filter using the bundle identifier of the app being installed.

log show --last 1h --debug --predicate 'subsystem BEGINSWITH "" AND message CONTAINS ""' --style compact

  If you're watching it install in real time, then you can stream.

log stream --level debug --predicate 'subsystem BEGINSWITH ""' --style compact

 This is acts like using tail -f on a text log.