Force a policy that is set to only run once per month to run on devices that don't check in on that day

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Hello all. If this is obvious/already solved in another thread I apologize.
Basically we have an OS X update policy that runs once per month to update OS X from Apple software update.

I have some machines that are always "off" or not checking in on that day. Is it possible to still have this policy run the next time they check in, or do I have to wait until the following month and hope they check in on the day that policy runs?



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If you have the policy only set to execute on certain days of the week, and the Macs aren't on on those days, then I believe it will continue to be skipped by those systems.
On the other hand, if your policy is set to run once per month generally, but not limited to only certain days and times, then the next time the machines check in, if it's been at least a month since the last execution on that device, it will run at that time,