Forcing policies to start after rebuild

New Contributor III

Ever since i've upgraded to V9.82 from V8 i've missed a lot of changes.

After a rebuild the client checked for the missing policies and then automatically installed everything that was missing.

Now i'm having to do a sudo jamf policy each time to force it to update.

I guess my question is am i missing something obvious here and also how can i use ARD to run the jamf policy instead of logging in and doing it through terminal?

I've tried running a unix command as root using both sudo jamf policy and also running jamf policy, but get errors saying /bin/bash: line 1: jamf:command not found.

Any help would be appreciated


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The reason your getting that error is the jamf binary moved from it's old location in 9.8. This is to prepare for El Capitan. So if it's still trying to use the old JAMF binary, it might run into issues.

What I did was create a enrollment package using recon and run it on the machines. If you look at the script it uses, it looks for the old binary and removes it before it installs the new one.