Freeze on Renewals


Hi All,
Looking for opinions here.
Due to the current state of global economies with the COVID-19 situation.
I feel companies like Jamf should be putting a freeze on renewals. As a Public school in Australia, we have seen a significant rise in the cost of our next renewal purely based on the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar to the US. This is totally due to the current situation caused by COVID-19.
I feel that is unfair that we should have to pay more just because of a bad exchange rate that would not normally be there.
This would impact all customers in Australia with an impending renewal.
Other global companies have offered relief to affected customers. Like Adobe for example who have offered their products free to staff and students for the next 3 months minimum so they can continue to learn/use at home.


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It’s my understanding that they are not charging for license overage during this time.
Agree that this would be a good step to freeze if possible.