Freezing issues with 2014 Mac minis

New Contributor

Hi, all. Anyone else seeing issues with 2014 minis where they just drop off the network and have to be rebooted, and there's no indication of the issue in the logs? It's proven tough to troubleshoot because the problematic machines are headless and running (as NetBoot/SUS servers) at remote offices without local IT support people.

We're leaning toward hardware issues, because we have other 2012 and 2014 minis in multiple sites, all imaged identically to the problem machines, but running like champs.

Before anyone suggests using something else to provide NetBoot/SUS, there are reasons I can't get into for why we are sticking with Apple hardware, so ultimately I need to find a solution-- I'm seeking more data before I have the minis shipped back from their remote offices.