Full sessions

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Are you looking at offering more sessions of the ones that are full? Also it would be nice if the more popular type of sessions from past years were offered more than once because often 2 sessions are at the same time and there is no way to attend both.


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Great idea! I emailed support last week asking if some of the more popular sessions could be moved to larger rooms. Maybe having them repeated is even better. There were a couple sessions I was really interested in that are already full, an not even a waiting list!

Guess I can watch the videos after the conference (hopefully the labs will be recorded this year, they ALL seem to be full already) but the point of the conference is to see them live, not to watch a video after the event.

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If I had to guess, I bet they are using these early signups to figure out space and room assignments. Since the new venue is a more traditional convention space they probably have more flexibility with making rooms bigger and smaller. I feel like I did this is a fairly timely manner but every single "Interactive Lab" was already marked full.... maybe they will adjust room sizes ... hopefully :)

I would encourage everyone to fill our their schedule to provide them with as much interest data as we can!


While I work for Jamf, I can't speak authoritatively, but the following items were posted by someone more authoritative than I am over in the #jnuc channel in the MacAdmins Slack team:

our plan is to rearrange rooms based on demand. Currently they're track-based(ish)
Since labs were mentioned, we won't be moving those around. The limiting factor there is gear. I'd say this year is more of a trial run for those. If they're awesome we'll expand them next year! They're more work for us than all the other sessions... But we really wanted to start doing them this year...

So, please register for sessions to help us determine space needs. Help each other take copious notes and take pictures. Everyone loves pictures. Encourage presenters to post their slides somewhere. Keep an eye on Jamf Nation for links to those videos we can record. Also keep an eye on the #jnuc channel in Slack.