Fusion Drive No-Entry sign

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Been happily imaging machines using 9.8 until we got a couple of 2015 Fusion-drive iMacs.

Same setup that's worked previously and on boot, all you get is "No Entry" icon (sometimes referred to as 'prohibited') and it goes no further. (pic attached for reference) Doesn't even make it to the Casper screen.

Research I've done suggests Fusion drives presented a problem under 9.6 that has since been resolved.

Anyone encountered this? Bloody hard to setup a machine if I can't image it...


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What version of OS X is the is your Imaging system based on? It needs to be at least the version and build that was included with the system and later, in order for OS X to have the supported components the hardware.

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The same principle applies to the version of OS X intend to install onto the system.



We've had loads of problems imaging with Fusion Drives.

JAMF said it was an Apple problem

I ended up instruction our techs to set the Startup Disk in the Recovery Partition. In our case, the Mac is always imaged correctly but the boot drive hasn't been blessed properly.

We image hundreds of student machines in the Summer and this issue makes it an incredible pain.

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As mentioned putting down an invalid version of OS X on brand new hardware would also generate this.
Fusion drives seem to have a real problem with being deleted during the imaging work flow, if your wanting wipe completely and reimage, prep the drive using Disk Utility or with a script at the start of the workflow and then leave Erase Target Drive unchecked.
If you installing OS X as part of the work flow (versus using a DMG) and the version is invalid it will look like it's installing but will actually not put anything on the drive. The version of the Netboot and the version installed basically have to be same and both have to be valid for the hardware.
If you using a DMG and the version is invalid, it will deploy but as it boots it will check it's list of compatible hardware and then bomb almost immediately.