get Activation Lock Bypass Code by script / API

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I have few iPad who get lock by activation lock, I would like to grab the code from command line ...
I found that site who explain how to do ... but the Phyton part is not working when you have the SSO on console activated..

is there a direct API call we can do with the current version?


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I'm starting to work on a script to get a weekly computers report and I'd like to grab the Activation Lock Bypass Code for each computer.
The purpose is being able to erase and reinstall a Mac even if it has been removed from JSS (without having checked that the Find My option was not activated).

I can't figure out how to get this code through the API for a specific computer id:

Jamf Pro 10.42.1-t1667311080


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recovery lock password is the EFI password equivalent for Apple Silicon, so it won't be there. 

Not sure we can retrieve this via API currently. =(

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I'm hoping now I'm on Jamf Pro 11.0.1 that the api is now working

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not seeing any way to get that info still. Would think it would have been mentioned in release notes. Not seeing any mention in API docs, or here: