Getting VNC to work on RedHat Linux (from Mac OS X)

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Getting VNC to work on RedHat Linux (from Mac OS X)

Anyone out there who happens to have their JSS on RHEL (6.5/6.6), and has VNC setup and working and able to connect from OS X VNC client (jollysFastVNC).

There is bunch of documentation out there from RHEL and google, but it's so splintered. I did get it to connect, but it's just a black screen. Sometimes one needs the GUI. Thanks in advance. John



@johnklimeck, I checked with the Linux guys at my company and they said they're using Chicken of the VNC.

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Thx @lsmc08, it's not the client, but the VNC install and config on the RH Linux server

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@johnklimeck, it's been a few years since I've done it.

But I think it used to SSH in, start a GNOME session then VNC.

Not sure of that helps at all.

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I had a RHEL server installed in a remote datacenter for NetSUS POC last year. I used Chicken of the VNC from my Mac. After I got logged in the first time and installed the software I logged out the root user. From there I only had the black screen you mention.

According to my trouble notes, you have to restart the vnc session. You should be able to ssh in to the box. AT YOUR OWN RISK…

kill the vnc session with: ```
vncserver -kill :1

restart the vnc session with ```
vncserver :1

I believe the super helpful @Josh_S guided me on that one.