Gmail Config using SSO?

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I'm hoping someone can help with this.

In our school we are using SSO with AD to authenticate access to Google apps.
We want to look at pushing an email setup through config profiles.

I can get the settings into the mail app, it does require you to enter the password, but it won't accept the password as it hasn't authenticated via the SSO.

I can set up the SSO in config profiles for iOS, but can't find it in the mac config profiles.

Does anyone know a workaround? or am I blind and just cannot see the SSO option in config profiles.

Any help would be great.


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Did you ever find a solution to this issue?

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Hi @dbuskariol No, I haven't found a fix for this yet...

If I set up the account manually through system preferences, it redirects me to our SSO login page.
Once I sign in, everything works.

But If I push the details via config profile, it prompts for a password but won't redirect to the SSO page and as a result, won't log in.

back to the drawing board I guess.

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@iamgriffin Thanks for the reply. We didn't find a fix either. Currently manually adding the accounts as a google account in system preferences. Shame we couldn't automate it like in previous years.

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If anyone can find a solution to this that would be AMAZING. We're pushing out a 1:1 program with ~700 students and it would be a dream for their emails to just show up.


Figured it out! Attached is the config we're going to use, using exchange. It works great! 133a64d082ce49898a3bbaa64c1388d9