Going to 802.1x wifi - best practise ?

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So we are going from normal WPA2 Enterprise wifi to 802.1x network.
I have of course made a config profile with the new network and asked to autojoin.

But other network on clients are typically also marked with "auto join" so when the config profile applies with the new 802.1x it does not join

To get users clicking manually on the 802.1x wifi is an option, but not the best way I think. To remove other network SSID is also a bit dangerous, so I don't cut them of wifi and new config profile then cannot be applied.

So what is the best practise on this ?


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any input to get a client automatically to join the 802.1x wifi. I have a config profile with auto join, but other networks seems to have higher priority. But cannot change priority on the new wifi before a connection first time has been established as I then can move it up in priority

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I use this script to purge SSIDs except for the one I need to stay. Give this a try on the machines you have already pushed the 802.1x profile to.


SSIDS=$(networksetup -listpreferredwirelessnetworks "en0" | sed '1d')
CURRENTSSID=$(networksetup -getairportnetwork "en0" | sed 's/^Current Wi-Fi Network: //')

while read -r SSID; do
  if [ "$SSID" == "Your_802.1x_network" ]; then
    echo Skipping $SSID
    echo Deleting $SSID
    networksetup -removepreferredwirelessnetwork "en0" "$SSID"
done <<< "$SSIDS"
echo Done!