Google Drive File Stream Accessibility Check Box - Automatically Check in High Sierra


We are a k12 district and all teachers & students are not admins on their Macs. The powers that be decided to use Google Drive File Stream on our High Sierra Macs. We are able to create a PPPC config profile for Mojave Macs that will act as though the box is checked in System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Privacy>Accessibility. This is working. This normally requires an admin login to enable it. We are on High Sierra for the rest of the school year and staff want students to be able to use Google real time presence on shared Microsoft documents.

Is there a way to create a mobile config or plist to automatically check the box or enable this feature?

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You must have 10.11 and your MacOS devices need to be at least 10.14 or higher. There is a new config profile section "Privacy Preferences Policy Control" which will allow you to configure those settings. (FINALLY!)


We know that we need Jamf Pro 10.11 (actually, it is working in 10.9) and Mojave or higher. We configured it using the "Privacy Preferences Policy Control" Utility and uploaded it to our Jamf server. We are trying to do something similar on High Sierra. Our students do KITE testing, and KITE has a config profile that creates the "Kite preferences" and "Kite Student Portal" entries in Accessibility, plus automatically checks their boxes (shown in the screenshot). I'm looking for someone who has done something like that for High Sierra Macs. We have looked at both of the config profiles, the one we created for GDFS and the one we got from KITE, and nothing stands out that would automatically enable the settings.

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Went through this myself and it is not possible to manage prior to Mojave. Went through Apple support, did quite a bit of research, and didn't find a way other than Mojave+ PPPC profile.

Probably not the answer you wanted, but that's what I found.

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So how is KITE Student Portal managing to do this on High Sierra without a PPPC profile?

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@Mike_Meyers Sorry if this thread is a bit old, but could you post a screenshot of what your PPPC looks like for enabling this check box? I'm pretty sure I'm entering the code signature incorrectly but can't find any documentation around it.