Google LDAP Sync for MAC OS Authentication / user Sign in with google credentials.

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This is not specifically related to JAMF. 


I used the steps in the link below to set up Google authentication on my macs. 

Connect LDAP clients to the Secure LDAP service 

It worked beautifully with two exceptions. 

1 - The users create a network account and I cannot figure out how to automate the user to become a mobile user / local user. I can do it using Terminal all day manually but I cannot for the life of me find the process for automating it. (It's literally a checkbox for AD users.) 

2 - I can only access one domain at a time. My students and my staff are on separate domains...


Help me MAC veterans! 


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I do this to convert to mobile account: Configuration Profile - Mobility - Create mobile account when user logs in to network account

Not sure about the multiple domains. However, the Google LDAP script is broken since 12.3 - it uses python. I haven't been able to get this working again.