Google Updates and ksfetch process

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I am trying to restrict the folders in which my 1:1 students can launch applications from. I have listed the folders below. When selecting these folders my test group keeps getting a prompt for a restricted process name ksfetch. All I have found is that it is related to Google products trying to update them selves. Just wondering if anyone has seen or has a fix for this one. Thanks.

/Applications/ /Library/ /System/ /bin/ /opt/X11/ /usr/sbin/ ~/Library/Google/


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Have a look at /Library/Google

I'm sure there is a Google Software update bundle in there.

Im doing the opposite to let that run and had to allow the updated bundle.

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Hello, Same issue here. I am testing Google Apps for Education with a select group of teachers. This ksfetch issues is pretty annoying to the end user. I am trying to allow this to go on an update or kill the process all together. Either way I want it to go away. In WGM I have allowed applications to run in ~/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/GoogleSoftwareUpdate.bundle/Contents/MacOs/

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... And is that working for you?

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White list the path like you stated above in full and in terminal touch ~/Desktop/ksadmin

Drag ksadmin in to always allow part in wgm and you will get icon not signed.

Believe me do not sign ksadmin. Google are updating apps all the time and your signatures will change all the time.

If required try the same with ksfetch

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I've figured it out.

Place /private/ into the allowed folders. ksfetch launches from within /private - so that's that! No more messages.

This has annoyed me all day.