GoToAssist Unattended Client Install

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We're trying to install GoToAssist's Unattended Client software, which consists of a PKG and a Unix Executable titled "g2ax_unattended_cmdline", which appears to contain our company's ID token information. This file needs to exist in the same folder as the PKG when installed, otherwise the client does not activate.

I am, however, having trouble getting this to work properly. So far I've tried using the "installPKGfromDMG" script to run the PKG from a DMG, however looking at the install.log it appears that the PKG is being copied to /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Downloads/ first before being run, which does not bring the unix file with it...

Any ideas on how I can run the PKG alongside this Unix file via Casper?


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Bump. Anyone have any ideas here? Running 8.73 by the way.

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Maybe give this a try. Put the PKG installer and the Unix executable in a folder called GoToMeeting located in /private/tmp/ and then use Composer to package up that folder by dragging that folder into the Composer window. Then create a post install script in the newly created Composer package that will run the PKG file with a command similar to: /usr/sbin/installer -pkg /private/tmp/GoToMeeting/gotomeetinginstaller.pkg -target /
You can optionally delete the GoToMeeting folder after running the install command but I think the folder will get deleted at the next computer restart. I used this process to install FlashPlayer quite a while back and it worked well. It was originally posted by @mm2270 and the details of his FlashPlayer solution can be seen at You should be able to modify his post install script to suit your needs.