GSX Equivalent Integration for Windows PCs?

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We are adding all of our Windows PCs on campus to the JSS as our definitive inventory system. The GSX integration is obviously amazing for Mac inventory, but I am writing to see if any of you know about an equivalent integration for Windows machines. We have primarily Dells, with other random brands here and there. Since the warranty information is available on Dells' website, has anyone come up with an extension attribute or otherwise that would allow this sort of warranty lookup for non-Mac hardware?

Really hoping we can get something like this. Thanks for your help.

Jay Heath


Honored Contributor

In my experience with PC enterprise they use some sort of convoluted Active X system for their web based orders, which only works and runs on the Windows platform. I have Gateway/HP/Compaq/Dell enterprise certs and used to repair servers and enterprise machines for all those companies. All of them had a really clunky web portal that used Active X only. Which means you also had to use IE.

Of course this was 5 years ago, so who knows what they run now.