GSX Warranty Date Blank

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Hi All, 

So we've seen this issue for years, and I've asked Jamf, and Apple's GSX support about it, and gotten non-answers, so I'm curious what others might be doing.

If you look up a new purchase, still within the 1y warranty (or purchased with AppleCare and within the AC warranty), you'll get a PO Date and a Warranty Expiration Date from GSX. 

If you look up an old purchase, but purchased with AppleCare, you'll get the PO Date, and Warranty Expiration Date in the past. 

BUT. If you look up an old purchase that wasn't purchased with AppleCare, you'll get a PO Date, and a blank Warranty Expiration Date. 

I've asked Jamf and GSX Support "can we infer anything from this?" as in "Can we assume if the Warranty Expiration Date is blank, then the warranty expiration was one year from the PO Date?" and not gotten any answer. Is anyone already making this assumption and just filling in that info themselves?