Hackathon 2019

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Update: It has been decided that we will not be organizing a Hackathon for this year's JNUC. For those coming, we'll see you in November!

Good morning, Nation!

The Hackathon will return once again this year. In 2017 we challenged community members to build solutions for Apple's and Jamf's platforms. In 2018 we pivoted to a more educational format with Python and Swift nights introducing JNUC attendees to these programming languages. This year we are revisiting a project-based Hackathon, but this time it will be our community that decides where we focus.

As you may (or may not) be aware, Jamf has a Marketplace where free and paid solutions that work with Jamf's portfolio of products are showcased. These can be services, scripts, as well as other tools for provisioning, automation, business intelligence and integrations with other solutions! But, the Marketplace doesn't have a listing for every need, and there are gaps we can work to fill in.

In this thread describe a tool, service, or integration for Jamf Pro that doesn't exist (or doesn't fit your needs) that you'd like to see our community work together to develop. Prior to JNUC, after we've reviewed all the responses, we'll post the core themes or specific projects that have the strongest interest. Just as before, there will be a dedicated room during conference hours to use for working and collaboration, and on Wednesday night of the conference we'll host a "Build Night" where all Hackathon participants can come together.

A few notes about these Hackathon ideas before you post:

  • They must be focused around Jamf or Apple products only
  • Any project related to the Hackathon must be made available publicly free of charge
  • Feature requests on products themselves are out of scope (sorry)

At the end we'll submit these works to the Jamf Marketplace and they'll be showcased during the closing reception!

(If you're a Jamf Hero feel free to respond here, but go check out the Hackathon challenge and complete it for some points!)


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Adding on to this post: if you'd like to reach out to me directly please do!