Happy Sysadmin day everyone

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Happy Sysadmin Day everyone, hope is an awesome day for you today, I have my head up in a drop ceiling installing VOIP and New Speaker systems!

Hopefully someone here gets a celebration of something.


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@anickless Happy SysAdmin Day to you too and everyone on here :D Here's to all the unsung heroes, the 80% unseen effort, the late nights and weekends, the shout down the corridor of "just the person I'm looking for", the panicked phone calls when things aren't going right, the stupid phone calls of 'is the server down?', the trawling through forum posts for that one line that can fix your problem, it's not a problem, it's an opportunity!

Here's to the absolutely no thanks when everything is working correctly and the complaints when that one thing isn't. For all the things you put up with on a daily basis, I take my hat off to you. You all deserve a medal of honour for your effort, your knowledge, your skills and your strength to keep going in the face of adversity.

Happy SysAdmin Day to us all! :)