Help for packaging/deploying Suitcase Fusion v.21.x

New Contributor II

The current versions of Suitcase Fusion v.21.x download as a disc image, and just drag the app to Applications. This will be more than easy to package.

But I’m also thinking of how to deploy the auto activation plugins for various Adobe Creative Cloud apps and Slack. This can easily be done from within the app, but if I want to push updates to my users, I would also want to put the updated auto activation plugin in the right place as well.

I am figuring I will need to make a smart group that identifies all machines with Suitcase and each Adobe CC app/Slack (because not all my users have every CC app.) Then, I would make a package for each app/plugin combo. And for each app, then scope a policy with install payload using the corresponding smart group. This will probably be a lot of groups and policies and packages, because we have a mix of CC 2020 and CC 2021. Oh, well...

Does this sound about right? Has anyone else worked out an upgrade methodology for Suitcase Fusion?