Help needed to unmanage ipads

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My question is if I delete the select ipads from Jamf, will that unmanage them as well? I have tried sending remote commands to unmanage but that is not working for some. I do not have the ipads on site.



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Deleting the inventory record will not unmanage the iPad. Part of this depends on the status of removable MDM. If MDM is set to be not removable, the device would have to be erased in order to fall out of management.

All the ipads have been wiped, any suggestions?

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Well in that case the device management should have been wiped as well (assuming it was erase all content & settings). Deleting the device record is kosher in that situation with the exception of preserving the activation lock bypass code, if applicable of course.

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No. Deleting them in that manner will only delete the device record. You'd be left with an iPad that still has management but in a broken state. You'd have to restore it to get it removed unless it was a user enrollment that allows the MDM profile to be removed.