Help to setup OS & user keyboard language during imaging

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Hi Folks,

I'm using JSS version 9.22 & supporting multiple countries across the globe. Having said that, I need to setup different keyboards based on the countries during imaging to make it zero touch.

I've gone through various links such as below & tried to make a DMG of "~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/<UID>.plist" but unfortunately it is not working for me.

Is there any other way to set up OS & user keyboard language? May be using defaults command...

Any pointers by the experts would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance


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I'm using a Composer dmg with the following:

Library > Preferences:

Users > admin > Library > Preferences:

Users > admin > Library > Preferences > ByHost:<UID>.plist

FUT and FEU checked in Casper Admin, run with a low priority.

I captured them from factory machines configured from the get-go in the language I wanted to capture. We have three: US English, French and Italian. All work fine.

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@sidhu_navdeep, it's doable using defaults if you're more comfortable with that. As @tuinte said, it's also easy enough to do via Composer if you'd prefer. @tuinte has the correct plists referenced if you'd like to try the defaults way. I'm not in front of a Mac currently, but it should be under a 'Keyboard' key in the plists.


Check out jleomcdo response from

this has to be run as current user. I'm still working on making these changes to be global. I'm testing with writing to /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist, but haven't got it all working yet.