Help Uninstalling Cylance

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I have looked at the forums for a solution to this issue without much luck. If there has already been a solution posted could you please direct me to it?

My organization if moving from Cylance to Crowdstrike. Installing Crowdstrike with Jamf has been super easy. Uninstalling Cylance has been a bit of a different issue. I cannot click the checkbox to uninstall in the package details. I have read that the way to resolve this issue is to reconfigure the package with the Jamf Pro app. My question on this front is if I reconfigure this package will it have to be redeployed before it can be uninstalled? Essentially do I need to reinstall it in order to uninstall?

Another option seems to be that when Cylance installs it creates an uninstaller app. Is it possible for me to silently run this app on all of the Macs from Jamf Pro?


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UPDATE - I am able to get the uninstaller to run, but a popup appears that asks the user to click yes to continue with the uninstaller. Is there anyway to either avoid this popup and continue with the program or to have yes clicked via the command line?


You'll want to pass the --noui flag to the uninstaller

Here's how we did it in a script, with $4 being a parameter 

/Applications/Cylance/Uninstall\\ CylancePROTECT --noui --password=$4

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So this is exactly what I did and it works to get me past that popup. I do get another popup after that that I need to stop. 

Any idea how to get the policy to get by this popup?

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Hi,  I am in the process of removing Cylance and moving to CrowdStrike also.  Did you ever get past the security prompt when uninstalling Cylance?

The command works but asks for me to enter a password to remove the extension. Is there a way to do this via script?