Help updating Flash update script

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I'm trying to get my Flash update script to work again, after Adobe changed some things around early this year and it broke. I have pulled some updated information from other posts, and now have the script downloading the updated file correctly. Where I run into trouble is the actual mounting of the temporary DMG and running the install. It simply doesn't do anything... Below is the script that I'm using:

# This script downloads and installs the latest Flash player for compatible Macs
# Determine OS version

osvers=$(sw_vers -productVersion | awk -F. '{print $2}')

# Determine current major version of Adobe Flash for use
# with the fileURL variable

flash_major_version=`/usr/bin/curl --connect-timeout 8 --max-time 8 -sf "" 2>/dev/null | xmllint --format - 2>/dev/null | awk -F'"' '/<update version/{print $2}' | sed 's/,/./g'`

# Specify the complete address of the Adobe Flash Player
# disk image


# Specify name of downloaded disk image


# Download the latest Adobe Flash Player software disk image

/usr/bin/curl --output "$flash_dmg" "$fileURL"

# Specify a /tmp/flashplayer.XXXX mountpoint for the disk image

 TMPMOUNT=`/usr/bin/mktemp -d /tmp/flashplayer.XXXX`

# Mount the latest Flash Player disk image to /tmp/flashplayer.XXXX mountpoint

hdiutil attach "$flash_dmg" -mountpoint "$TMPMOUNT" -nobrowse -noverify -noautoopen

# Install Adobe Flash Player from the installer package stored inside the disk image

/usr/sbin/installer -pkg /Volumes/Flash Player/Install Adobe Flash Flash Player.pkg -target / > /dev/null

# Clean-up
# Unmount the Flash Player disk image from /tmp/flashplayer.XXXX
/usr/bin/hdiutil detach "$TMPMOUNT"

 # Remove the /tmp/flashplayer.XXXX mountpoint

/bin/rm -rf "$TMPMOUNT"
# Remove the downloaded disk image
/bin/rm -rf "$flash_dmg"

exit 0

I am not very well versed in scripting, so I'm doing this by trial and error. The command that isn't doing anything is the /user/sbin/installer line. Am I pointing it at the wrong location? If I look in disk management, I do see a Flash Player volume mounted from /private/tmp/flashplayer.VpVO, and if I "Show in Finder", I see the "Install Adobe Flash"... but when it runs, I just get... nothing.



I'm sorry if this comes off a little cold, but here are the issues I see...
- The script has a she-bang line indicating sh, but I think you really intend to run it in bash
- Line 48 has a "fi" statement, but there is no corresponding "if" statement
- A number of the variable definitions have leading white space (lines 15 & 27)
- There is no hardening, you should check that the version of Flash was actually installed/updated prior to exit

In general, one of the best ways to see where your script is breaking is to run it in Terminal using the "-x" flag. In this case, the line 48 syntax error was caught immediately by me:
- copying the entire script into a file, and saving it on my desktop as ""
- in terminal, using the command: "sudo sh -x ~/Desktop/"

Hopefully that helps.

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This is the script I use and works well. I found it on this JAMF forum thread



latestver=`/usr/bin/curl --connect-timeout 8 --max-time 8 -sf "" 2>/dev/null | xmllint --format - 2>/dev/null | awk -F'"' '/<update version/{print $2}' | sed 's/,/./g'`

# Get the version number of the currently-installed Flash Player, if any.

# Determine if the installed version is older than the current version of Flash
flashPlayer="/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin"

if [ ! -e "$flashPlayer" ]
        echo "Flash Player is not installed"
        currentinstalledver=`/usr/bin/defaults read "${flashPlayer}/Contents/version" CFBundleShortVersionString`
        echo "Flash Player v${currentinstalledver} is installed!"

# Compare the two versions, if they are different then download and install the new version.
if [ "${currentinstalledver}" != "${latestver}" ]; then

    echo "Current Flash version: v${currentinstalledver}" >> ${logfile}
    echo "Available Flash version:  v${latestver}" >> ${logfile}

    echo "Downloading Flash Player v${latestver}." >> ${logfile}
    /usr/bin/curl -s -o `/usr/bin/dirname $0`/flash.dmg $url

    echo "Mounting installer disk image." >> ${logfile}
    /usr/bin/hdiutil attach `dirname $0`/flash.dmg -nobrowse -quiet

    echo "Installing..." >> ${logfile}
    /usr/sbin/installer -pkg /Volumes/Flash Player/Install Adobe Flash Flash Player.pkg -target / > /dev/null
    /bin/sleep 10

    echo "Unmounting installer disk image." >> ${logfile}
    /usr/bin/hdiutil detach $(/bin/df | /usr/bin/grep ${volname} | awk '{print $1}') -quiet
    /bin/sleep 10

    echo "Deleting disk image." >> ${logfile}
    /bin/rm `/usr/bin/dirname $0`/${dmgfile}

    newlyinstalledver=`/usr/bin/defaults read "/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin/Contents/version" CFBundleShortVersionString`
    if [ "${latestver}" = "${newlyinstalledver}" ]; then
        echo "SUCCESS: Flash has been updated to version ${newlyinstalledver}" >> ${logfile}
        echo "ERROR: Flash update unsuccessful, version remains at ${currentinstalledver}." >> ${logfile}
        echo "--" >> ${logfile}

# If Flash is already up to date, exit.    
    echo "Flash is already up to date, running ${currentinstalledver}." >> ${logfile}

exit 0