Hide OneDrive as a save location on Office 365 apps

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Have been "googling" for some time now but cannot find the right solution I think!

So, this is my scenario:
I am about to change from Microsoft Volume Licensing Serializer to Azure AD enabled Office 365 apps.
But I would like to hide the option for Saving to Onedrive in Office 365 apps since we are using Google Workspace as our main storage location.

How do I hide or disable Onedrive as a save location? Is it done in Azure AD or any where else through Cloud based admin console, or is it done with a plist file or something like that?

Really appreciate some guidance here, thanks!


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When you share files via a team site, it's not "my.sharepoint.com/" but "sharepoint.com/" that you should use to determine if it's a commercial version.

It is better to count the slashes rather than using the position of "/Documents" because, for example in French, the document folder is called "Documents partages". It is preferable to count 4 slashes for commercial use and 2 slashes for personal use.