Hide Settings icon in iPads

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I'm setting up a number of new iPads and using Jamf Pro. 
I've got them configured mostly how I want, but because these will be used in a classroom environment I need to hide the Settings icon to stop people fiddling. 

How can I do this?  


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The settings app is the only thing that can't be hidden. It's always there, even if you restrict everything. The best you can do is use a config profile to restrict the areas that the users can see/change in there although you can't control everything in there.

Thanks for the quick reply. 
Ahh ok, that sucks.... !
Hopefully in an update... 

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Good Day @RLRL I am a newbie to JAMF.


Could you please guide me how to Configure a profile which achieves this >> Hiding some items in System settings on iPad. 🙏

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You will need to go to Devices > Configuration Profiles > New Config profile. 

The main options you need to go through are the restrictions payload. There's a lot to look through and might take some testing to figure out which of these settings are part of the settings app.