High CPU utilization after image deploy

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I've got a head-scratcher. I built a new image with 10.13.4, installed a few of our common apps (Office 2016, etc), applied some common settings, then ditto'd the account to the User Template (following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/macsysadmin/comments/5kt9id/default_profile_config_in_macos_sierra/). Captured the image, then deployed it to another Mac. Everything works great, except users that log in see a big spike in resource utilization, usually from the following processes:


Interestingly, if I make the user an admin, things go back to normal. While that may work for some machines, obviously it's a no -go for computer labs.

Has anyone else run across this? Everything I've found so far just refers to various bugs in beta macOS updates over the years.