Hot off the press: Prepare for changes to Content Caching in macOS High Sierra (Apple HT208025)

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Does anyone happen to know where the metrics.sqlite file for caching migrated to with this update?

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I wish they never removed the Content Caching service from the Server app... Now with this built-in caching which is supposed to "just work" I can't really see any logs or if the update requests are actually coming to the server or not :(

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I Agree with @rfaruk No logs and no way to see if it is actually operating as designed or if it is all still heading out and downloading from Apple

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We have had no end of issues getting ours to work, there appears to be a distinct lack of trouble shooting options available and you can barely see what it's trying to do when it's not working.
I don't suppose anyone knows a way of forcing a single client to check into a specific cache by IP address? We have got as far as the cache is getting and serving stuff to itself, but no other clients ever find it even though all the DNS stuff etc... is configured.