How are k-12 schools putting icloud accounts on ipads and macs without manually doing it? Basically using it to find my mac and find my ipads?

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Is there a way to do this in mass through JAMF? We don't need to backup any other information as of now. How do you use this if you also have shared ipads for student? We currently have to manually put in icloud accounts and do all the settings, which defeats the purpose of zero touch deployment. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have not moved to Apple school Manager if we do is there a way to do it that way?


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This is all managed in Apple School Manager. Are these currently in DEP?

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When using Shared iPad the account will show up on the login screen and be signed into iCloud when the user signs into the iPad.

If you’re not using Shared iPad there is currently no way to populate a users iCloud account from the MDM.

There is a profile payload option to send down email account info for IMAP, Google and Microsoft Exchange.


We don't use iCloud for our non shared carts for this exact reason. We have students enter their Apple ID if they need it later. For shared carts you have to touch them quite a lot already, including for us the Apple ID.

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Are your iPads new enough to take advantage of Apple's Lost Mode feature?

To avoid possible tracking of students, Lost Mode is the better way for administrators to find a device. For individuals using the device, iCloud's Find My iPad feature is better.

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As others have stated, it depends on your goals. If you just want to locate a lost device from an administrative standpoint, just use lost mode.