How can I install software for just the logged in user?

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Is there a way for me to use Composer to make a package that I can put in Self Service that will install the application for only the user who is logged in/goes to Self Service and installs the software?

Specifically I'm looking to allow users to install Zoom and install it only for them.  Zoom has an option to do this if the users download the installer from the Zoom website and do the right clicks to get to the "Install for me only" option.  I'm trying to make it easier for my users (and the people at the help desk who have to talk users through this on the phone).



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If you're using Composer, you could do an install "for me" and capture that straight away. Compose lets you capture/verify the correct permissions too, but you can see whatever you're installing into the account. Once Composer builds your package, the Jamf policy just runs it, so wherever the payload is set to go via Composer is where it goes. 

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Install for me essentially places the executable in your home folder i.e. ~/Applications/ versus /Applications/ No installer trickery going on here.

You could use the provided installer with no modifications and just use the Files and Processes payload in your policy to move the installer from /Applications to ~/Applications and also set the correct permissions. I do this with Cricut Design Space and a wineskinned Windows application.