How do I enable Activation Lock Bypass after enrollment?

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We have been through multiple phases launching Jamf Pro. We began on Jamf Now and migrated many users and now we are enrolling directly onto Jamf Pro. In the process, we discovered that a number of computers do not have Activation Lock Bypass configured. I have searched for ways to resolve this without success.

Is there a Configuration Policy or Policy I can create that will enable that? If so, I am all eyes/ears.



You can find the solution here:

Create a Computer Group for those Mac Clients and then use the Mass Action Option to send a Remote Command to disable Activation Lock:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-21 um 17.54.04.png

It looks like all these options are dependent on having Apple Business Manager. We are almost there so, I will move ahead as soon as we have things set up. Thank you.