How do you manage your BYOD?

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We have been strictly working with corporate tablets for projects up until now. We are preparing for the next step, BYOD phones. Curious, if willing to share, how you manage your BYOD in jamf? Example. I'm considering creating one place to hold all BYOD devices and just call it BYOD. Any device in that location will have nothing but a passcode policy set on them. Please note in order to gain access to ActiveSync for email they have to be enabled so can't just give people things like this.

So for starters, do you keep a basic structure like this or do you have some kind of break out of BYOD in your system?

With apps. I was thinking that we would assign thru our help desk, apps to users based on their network ID, so when they configure their phone, they would get the apps. Thought managing apps based on where the device was in the system would be to complicated. So I'm thinking, give them a couple company apps like a phone book, because they are in BYOD but anything else they need to request and assigned to their name.

Not sure how others deal with the apps side.

I'm also debating do I push the apps to their devices, or let them install them manually from our company app store? Note for Android we use AfW so a bit more complicated but still interested how others have decided to configure things.