How does Jamf handle multiple app bundles with same CFBundleIdentifier?

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The app in question is EndNote. When they release a new version, it creates a folder with a different app bundle like so:
/Applications/Endnote X8/EndNote
/Applications/Endnote X9/EndNote

They both have different versions CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleVersion (among other things) but they both have the same CFBundleIdentifier

I’m asking because I'm noticing some weird jamf behavior and I can’t quite comprehend what nonsense the jamf agent is doing here. It will only detect one of these app bundles in its computer inventory. e.g. it reports X8 but not X9. And yes, I've done recon/inventory update on the client multiple times.

Sure I could gripe about the software vendor, but this is not exactly unheard of behavior either.

For those with Munki experience, how does Munki deal with a newer version of an application that puts itself in a different folder (as described above). Is it looking at something else other than the CFBundleIdentifier?