How Does Software Update Work With Deferral Settings?

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I'm wondering how software update deferral settings impact Software Update on both macOS and iOS. Right now, I have a config profile that defers software updates for up to 30 days. Then, on macOS, I have a policy that runs Software Update during certain time periods to various computer groups. My question is this: If I have the computers set to defer updates through that config profile, do that mean the update doesn't present itself to the computer as available until after that 30 day mark? Or, will my software update policy override my 30 day defer setting from the config profile?


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All our iPads are at iOS 13.7. We're not ready for iOS 14 yet. So I put in the 90 day deferral option, knowing that I had at least three months of time to test iOS 14 and then decide whether to update or not. On the iPads, sure enough, the end user is prompted with a message that the Administrator has disabled updates on the iPad.

Here's the thing I don't understand. iOS 14 was released on September 16 -- 111 days ago from today. Yet, our iPads are still being blocked from updating. Yay! Yay? Yay!?!?

I don't know why this is the case; why 90 days isn't 90 days.