How does the OSX client get the MDM profile, As im not getting one...

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Hey Guys,

Having a bad day

How does OSX get its MDM profile. Via APN or the quickadd as a .mobileconfig

Im asking as im tearing my hair out.....

When i run my quickadd on my laptop i dont get my MDM profile, I see 3 pending profiles under inventory these are obviously not applying as i dont have the MDM profile.

I have deleted my record in casper and re run quickadd, Recreated quickadd,

Run Quickadd and ran jamf enroll like 100 times... manage etc etc

Is there any log files i should be looking at ?

I have setup my network for APN and it was working last week .... is there any tools i can use to check from the client side..


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Is there not some sort of blank Plist or command i can pass against mdmclient to force it to refresh with APN?

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I'd make sure there are no issues with certificate based communication between your JSS and clients. Ensure both that and push notifications are enabled under Computer management framework. You could try using Casper remote to install the quickadd package and see if it returns any errors there that might make sense as well. If you have mobile devices and their working properly that could rule out APN being the issue. If both are not working I'd try re-downloading the APN cert from apple and ensure something didn't get corrupted.