How long to keep older packages in Jamf?

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We have a lot of older packages building up (pun intended) in Jamf for things that were older original installers, patch management packages, etc., and I was curious as to how long I should be keeping these things around? Obviously don't need the Firefox installer from 6 months ago, for example. What are some folks doing for managing that? Comb through every 30/90 days and delete things? Thanks!


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I like to keep old packages around until I know that we have moved on from that package version completely and the need for that package ceases to exist in our mac ecosystem entirely.

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@jordan_m1  I use a separate computer specifically as a repository for all things + time machine backup, all packages are staged there before upload to Jamf whether it be via Jamf Admin or direct upload for cloud. It's very convenient. I recommend something similar, makes cleaning out Jamf Pro a little less nerve wracking knowing you have a backup.

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This is totally up to you.  I don't keep any around.  Once a new version is available and tested, it replaces the old.

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I keep a local network repository of all packages we've ever created and only keep the current versions on the Jamf server so that way it's not taking up unneeded space on the server.

Then just to be sure I haven't missed anything I run a monthly report on unused packages using Prune.


I made a Category called "Previously Used Packages". Anytime I think something is on the older side, I just switch the category to previously used packages category, and clean then out once or twice a year when I working on JSS cleanups.