How to create a configuration profile that allows AppleEvents for Jamf

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Hi Team,
I have a policy available in Self-Service, when it is triggered it executes a script that opens Microsoft Outlook mail. When executed from Self-Service I am getting a pop-up asking for "Jamf wants to control access to Microsoft Outlook" (attached screenshot for reference).  

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 9.51.25 am.png

I need to create a configuration profile to allow this, request suggestions on how to do it. I can't use PPPC utility in my environment as it is blocked. I tried to replicate this( JamfAppleEvents.mobileconfig ) by copying identifiers and code requirements to create a profile but failed to do it. 
Thanks in advance. Appreciate the help...



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Hi @YAS, based on that screenshot you need to allow Jamf to manage Microsoft Outlook which will be a custom PPPC. You can use this to create your own config profiles: or