How to Create a Jamf Daemon or Agent for when users click on Jamf connect to make them an admin

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Does anyone have a script or know of an agent/daemon that I can use or edit to alert for when a user clicks on - request admin privileges on Jamf connect?



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It is actually a new feature in *Jamf Connect version 2.33*. You use the
Jamf Connect Configuration Tool there is a new feature under *Connect *tab
section *Temporary User Permissions* where you enter your desired settings.
Upload to Configuration Profile or add to existing one.

*Jamf Connect - Introducing Privilege Elevation*

*Jamf Connect* - Introducing Privilege Elevation, the ability to grant
Temporary User Promotion from Standard User to Admin User. This is a new
Jamf Connect feature and I wanted to share this information with you.

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Thank you and you know what, I'm sorry I just realized I did not ask the question correctly. I basically want to be notified when a user clicks on that admin window. I have it in my enviornment running, I have a script to notify me on Teams, the problem is I don't have an agent or daemon to trigger to let me know when a user clicks on it. Thank you for responding by the way!