How to determine recent Airdrop use?

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Hi everyone,

Our security team wants us to disable Airdrop for all users. I already have a configuration profile that will do this, but I first want to determine who at the company uses Airdrop to give them fair warning that it will go away. Are there any log lines that would indicate an Airdrop event, or anything like that?




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We disable airdrop by default, but don't enforce the non-use of it!

There are no log files kept for AirDrop.

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I could see this as a corporate security thing, where secrecy/privacy concerns are paramount. I'm assuming that you have very strictly locked file services and email, etc...

Honestly, I would just warn the whole place (easy to say I know). If you only warn those who are using it, what happens when someone discovers it on their Apple at home and it doesn't work in the office?