How to disable Custom deferral text button in nudge?

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Hi there ,
I am trying disable Custom deferral text button to disappear or not exist on Nudge. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 2.13.17 PM.png

In the user interface option i have created this parameter ( screenshot below) ,  but doesn't seem to affect nudge when it loads ( attaching the screenshot) . Any advices on how to remove custom deferral text button from nudge?

Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 2.06.55 PM.png



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I'm thinking it's this key. Are you using the Jamf Schema for Nudge or the JSON installed locally?


Nudge Wiki 

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I am using Jamf Schema for nudge.
Allow user quit deferrals key is already set to false when i was testing this.

Just double checking when you modified it did you send it back out to all devices or only newly assigned devices? I don't think it will update the profile if it's just newly assigned devices. Check the profile that's installed and just double-check you see the right key preference there. With Nudge, I usually remove the profile and reapply it. I just tested it out, pushed the profile, and now all I get is this.



Nudge is finicky, I like it but sometimes it just doesn't work as you expect it to. 

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I am doing distribute to all assigned devices, because we are testing. Also i have removed and reinstalled config profile lot of times and loaded to nudge back. No luck really :(

Try reinstalling Nudge real quick. 

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That doesnt work either