How to distribute iBooks VPP

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I am new to Zuludesk, I am having problems sending out iBooks to group iPads.
I purchased FREE iBooks through VPP about 6 weeks ago and have not had any luck distributing these to iPads.
I've located the books in document but when I assign the books to an iPad it comes up with "Device has no owner, no VPP assignment possible"
Any Ideas would be helpful.

Thanks you


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Unlike applications, books can only be distributed to Apple IDs.
Once a book license has been issued it can not be revoked/pulled back.

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How would you recommend schools distribute readers to supervised iPads that don't have Apple IDs?

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Unfortunately this isn't possible the way you might want. The Jamf Pro admin guide covers it pretty well.

eBooks purchased through VPP only support user based licensing and are one time use. Apple IDs are required. Once a book license is assigned to an Apple ID, it can't be revoked. Most places I've talked to avoid distributing eBooks through VPP. A better way is to distribute a PDF or use some other online curriculum for interactivity.

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What about iBooks that we created? Can we push those to Self Service?